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The Gibraltar Study Circle was formed in 1975 for the benefit of both advanced and novice, collectors of the Colony and now has some 110 members.

Prior to 1975, little information about the Postal History and Stamps of Gibraltar had been recorded with the exception of the publications by Sir Geoffrey Duveen, Sir Darrel Bates and Dr H.B.Renton. In 1978 Robson Lowe Ltd. published ‘Posted in Gibraltar* by Brigadier William Hine-Haycock which proved an excellent summary of Gibraltar postal affairs.

To date, the Study Circle has published ‘Gibraltar Postal Stationery’, a very complete listing of this subject by Wally Jackson, then the leading collector of this material, since substantially updated  in 2006 by Eric Holmes & Robert Neville.  This was followed by ‘British Post Offices and Agencies in Morocco 1857 – 1898′ and ‘British Post Offices and Agencies in Morocco 1857 – 1907 and Local Posts 1891 – 1914’ by Dr Kenneth Clough. Others include Gibraltar: “The Postal History & Postage Stamps Vol.1 to 1885” by Geoffrey Osborn; “Gibraltar: Quarantine and Disinfection of Mail” by Garcia/Vandervelde; “Gibraltar: The Link with the Sea” by Sam Smith; “Gibraltar: Errors and Varieties 1886-2000”, by R.G. Burton; “Gibraltar: King George VI”, by Edmund Chambers.

Study Papers, twenty seven in all, have been issued on various topics, Errors and Varieties, Forwarding Agents and Gibraltar Zeppelin Mail, to name but three.

Publications/Study Papers in development included  –  Gibraltar Specimens; and an update of First Day Covers.

Our newsletter ‘The Rock’ is published four times a year and is sent to all members worldwide. Weekend meetings take place twice a year at suitable locations with a view to making it convenient for as many members as possible. Families of members are made most welcome and, in addition to the philatelic meetings, the social side of the weekend is enjoyed by all.  Twice a year there are day meetings  – one in London and the other at Portishead  near Bristol.  There have been 5 organised visits to Gibraltar, the most recent in October 2010.

Twice a year auctions of postal history and stamps are held at the weekend meetings with 300-500 lots available.  Members present may bid in the room; otherwise postal bids are also accepted from members worldwide.

The Gibraltar Study Circle also offers an Exchange Packet (in UK) covering all aspects of the philately of Gibraltar. This allows members an inexpensive way of obtaining more common material, and at the same time an outlet for their surplus covers, stationery or stamps.

In the almost thirty nine years since it was founded, the Gibraltar Study Circle has been of great benefit to many collectors worldwide, and gives a warm welcome to new members wherever they may live.

Details of membership can be obtained from:-

Eric D Holmes         29 Highgate Road, WOODLEY, Berkshire, RG5 3ND  or



12 responses to “About Us

  1. Colin Searle

    Great start Eric! I look forward with interest to see how this develops

  2. Mr. Keith Pinner

    I agree with Colin Searle, very enterprising and interesting, will look forward to hearing about further developments.
    Keith Pinner July 14 at 10.45 am

  3. Yes, well done Eric – if we can help in any way please let me know, Andrew McGavin,Universal Philatelic Auctions

  4. Arthur W Sprague

    The text is informative and written clearly. Some additional pictorial images would be welcome.

  5. Ian Ramognin

    A very useful start which should be expanded on.

  6. Stephen Vinales

    Excellent job, definitely the way forward.

  7. Maurice Gache

    Eric and the rest of the committee, you are the salt of the earth when it comes to the GSC. What would we do without you?
    A very BIG thank you from me. Well done and keep up the good work.
    Maurice Gache

  8. Susan Dare

    Your work here is good, an informative site for the Society. Not sure Derek would have understood it, but the way forward no less

  9. Richard Greulich

    Back in the day I had planned to commence my collection , but events happened . i find myself with one of the booklets that I was using to begin my collection and now am selling it , “The Gibraltar Postal Stationary” by Wally Jackson….”W. Jackson”. I wanted to give you all heads-up as I will be offerring it on Ebay at a low price and hope that one of you will obtain it. Best,

  10. Robert Mather

    I would like to know how to get in contact with the Gibraltar Study Circle.
    Robert Mather
    Email: burrobob@wi.rr.com

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